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Brand New Venue

Yes people, we have moved. You can now find us on March 15 at Skyluxx Lounge, Soin arcade, Westlands. It will be a new experience we hope you will enjoy with a few new added highlights for the night.We have also changed the day to Tuesday and a few of you have voiced your concerns just the same way you did when we decided to start a poetry night on Friday, all we can say is change is good. See you there!
Below is a poem by Mstari Wa Nne, a poetry crew that will be performing tomorrow night…

Real Fake

by Mstari Wa Nne on Friday, March 11, 2011 at 7:04am

it is a materialistic…hedonistic world that we live in

where you are deemed cool by the money in your wallet

by the clothes you wear and the places you hang out

by the company you the neighborhood you live in

you try REAL hard putting up appearances…you live your life FAKE

maintaining an expensive lifestyle…trying to keep up with the Jones’

constantly in rent arrears..lacking bus fare…can’t pay the bills

but must be seen on the party scene…doing anything to fit in

dancing…not because you enjoy the music

but really out of the need to be seen

passing judgment on others yet you got your own flaws

with your many imperfections you think you are the epitome of perfection

you are not the sun…the world doesn’t revolve around you

you see..unlike the sun you do not radiate warmth and light

you are cold and dark to those you say are not in your class

you’ve got class…acting class..where they teach you how to fake it

to put up pretentious…insincere…dishonest

take a long hard look at yourself…look at what you’ve become

manipulative…cold hearted…self centered

maybe if you humbled yourself…swallowed your pride

and got rid of your air of self importance and arrogance

got to see the world through the eyes of others

you would really say how you feel…

you would be open about your situation

you wouldn’t go through the motions

you wouldn’t be a REAL FAKE..

About projectheshima

Project Heshima is an alternative events project . We have a great interest in poetry and home grown music. We hold monthly poetry nights at

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