Rhythm & Spoken October

Good Music, poetry and some cake…

Last months Rhythm & Spoken was on a public holiday but we still got a great turnout, with poets Mike Kwambo, Barabara,Obaladan, Njeri,Sol, Cheboi, and Kule among other gracing the stage. Featured singer Della aka Adel did a great job with her soon to be hit Nairobi.

Della Belts it out

Della Belts it out

We also got surprise perfomances from ucoming afrosoul singer Stan and past featured bands Elani and Aziza. Her are some pictures from those events. The neo-soul selection was ofcourse on point. One of Elani’s voclaits had a surprise arranged for her by her sister who presented her with her birthday cake after her perfomance.

Barabara the french swahili poet

Barabara the French/Fans of R&S

Fans at the event

Fans of R&S

Fans of R&S

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  1. your site is great and i love what you do..

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