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Featured Upcoming Band- Aziza

August 08 poster

Aziza are an Afrosoul band made of four member Sequira Mogere, Joshua Simani,Maurice Manani and Enos Olik. They write and compose their own music. Their harmonies are accompanied by violin and classic guitar. They featured at Rhythm and Spoken Friday August 8th 2008. Though the group have not recorded any of their music they have already written ten songs which they performed at the event. The response was quite something and you can be sure they will be coming back to grace the stage in between poetry. The four began as an acapella quartet and later added the guitar and violin as they went along. This probably explains their strong vocal arrangement. Should they begin recording, we will be sure to post a sample for you to listen to and judge for yourself. Until then you will just have to catch them on stage and enjoy the moment.


About projectheshima

Project Heshima is an alternative events project . We have a great interest in poetry and home grown music. We hold monthly poetry nights at

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