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Album review: Liquideep — Fabrics of the Heart

There is nothing not to like about this album, and if you give it a listen you will find yourself having a new favourite song every week. Being relatively new to Kwaito- house or let’s call it South African house because The word Kwaito might be taken to mean that the music uses a lot of vernacular ( As I said I am quite new to it), anyway, being new to it means I was just jazzed by the amount of soul that resides in house music. Some people confuse house with techno but house is- at the risk of sounding cliche- deep. The purcussion the rhythm, the groovy way it moves you. So when I got my hands on the Fabrics of The Heart album I was expecting to like only a few songs. I first heard about the group after watching their interview on eTV, seeing the video to the song Alone and getting blown away. The album is a press play and keep on repeat type of album. You will definitely enjoy how they blended all the songs together so you can listen nonstop. The first song Angel is the perfect entree ( girl you must have broken wings from heaven you must have fell) while BBM will get you dancing something serious with a beat that is a throwback to Eddy Grant’s Give Me Hope Johanna.
Settle for less has that old school soul sound while they kept Synthetic vibes in for the hardcore house fans. They also threw in the Fairytale reprise which is a slow neosoul version of the original. I like the messages in the songs too, Dreams urges to keep pressing on (I wonder if i can work out to that song?). It’s an album that we will definitely be playing at Rhythm & Spoken.

Liquideep is made of singer songwriter and producer Jonathan ‘Ziyon’ Christian and producer DJ Thabo ‘Ryzor’ Shokgolo.
Check them out on their site:

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