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Ashimba on our minds

When it comes to Tanzanian music playing in Kenya, mainstream bongo flava dominates. But that should’nt mean there is nothing different coming from TZ.
Our newest listening experience is Ashimba you may have heard some of his music played during January’s R&S .

He is a singer, guitarist and songwriter from Bagamoyo, Tanzania. His music is fuses traditional and modern in a style that echoes Senegalese singer Yossou N’ Dour. Story telling, proverbs are part and parcel of his songwriting. He sings in Swahili and traditional Tanzanian languages.
His album is titled Nuru Nyikani (Swahili for light in the wilderness) and includes the must listens Maisha and Yaya featuring Nakaaya.
We met his producer Jakob Poll during the Kenya Music Week in Sarit Centre, Nairobi where he had come to promote MaishaMusic, a Danish-Tanzaina label looking to promote East African music across the globe. He was also featured during the Afrobased festival Blankets and Wine in Nairobi.

Check out his myspace page:
And more of his music on


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One response to “Ashimba on our minds

  1. nduwamngu darius ⋅

    l really like the way u sing.i aprisiate it. thanks am rwandan

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