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R&S February 12th 2010

I have realised that there are as many poets as they are singers, sometimes you have both. Muthoni Ndonga performs spoken word and sings. She may be famous for her singing, and fabulous drumming skills but when the need arises she can lay down a serious ‘flo-em’.

Poet, Maik Kwambo, who is part of Mstari Wa Nne poets also sings. You may have heard him sing Nakupenda if not, we will be giving you a sample of his songs soon.

I was watching the reality talent show, Tusker Project Fame 3 (TPF3), when I saw a familiar face.
Patricia Kihoro, is currently one of the top three acts on TPF3.
She has graced the Rhythm and Spoken stage as a poet before, who knew she possessed such great vocal talent. And it turns out she is also an actress and you may have spotted her in the Just A Band video If I Could

Her first song on the show was Lazizi by the band Sauti Sol, keeping it local all the way, Catch TPF3 every Sunday on Citizen TV.
(**ahem**I had a little trouble uploading her picture but it will be up soon) Yep! here you go!


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Project Heshima is an alternative events project . We have a great interest in poetry and home grown music. We hold monthly poetry nights at

6 responses to “R&S February 12th 2010

  1. Jambo Project Heshima

    My name is Mwangi Muthiora. I am a poet and have learned about the PH through one of my favorite Blog-Kenyan Poet by N.W. I have written tenths poems and shortstories. I am now working on my first novel and have just completed editing my first long length play titled The Prison Lawyer. My other works includes humor writings among others. I am a Community Developer by profession and i do poetry or writing as a hobby. However, i must admit that people who have read and seen me perform says i am a great artist. Anyway, am now following this space and would love to network and share your expiriences.

    to sample my work, kindly visit my Blog at:

    I am greatful that i have finally found a relevant blog that i can checkout the where and abouts in this poetry field. I would be glad if you featured me in your blog.

  2. yaarni, I agree.poetry is hot right now in Nai

  3. SoL ⋅

    Rhythm and Spoken has Mos Def made me pay more attention to different styles of Poetry… Id love to hear about what made some people write about some isht though…coz I def heard some poems that left me wondering ” What was going down!!” Ah..I have a new poem I can’t wait to debut!
    Yei Yeii…

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