Mstari wa Nne

Previously we have had different poets grace the R&S stage. A group of four such poets have come up with Mstari wa Nne a poetry group. Njeri Wangari, Mike Kwambo, Dennis Inkwa, Grand master Masese and Leon Kiptum make up the talented lot that is Mstari wa Nne.

The name Mstari wa nne, Swahili for fourth line (stanza), was coined at the group’s inception when four poets decided to work together. Group membership has since grown to five, but they have opted to retain the name.

They have individually honed skills at various poetry forums such the Kwani? Open Mic at Club Soundd, WAPI at the British Council and Rhythm and Spoken at the Daas Ethiopian Restaurant.

The group has a vision of diversity in poetry, literary arts, music and culture, making their work quite unique.

Mstari Wa Nne
is on a mission. Every piece they do exhibits their passion for poetry, the spoken word and performance; but there is more: they feel that it is the time for performance poetry to grab its rightful place in the spotlight that it thoroughly deserves.

They view themselves as all rounders, comfortable writing and performing poetry touching on various topics
The fusion of the five poets working together as Mstari Wa Nne makes you realise that this is one immensely talented group whose star is constantly on the rise.

They feed their creative souls from a variety of sources: music, poetry,literature as well as the day to day issues in life.
Mstari Wa Nne’s biggest wish is to impact their audiences. “We want the audience to feel that they got something new with a positive and energetic message. They should also feel like they had fun.”


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Della’s Debut



When she performed at Rhythm &Spoken last year, she quickly gained fans with her songs and strong vocals. Della or Adel has the kind of sound that will eventually force the Kenyan mainstream to take a closer look at the live music scene. Find out what Della is all about..

I started singing from the age of five I think. In nursery school but it became apparent in middle school.After I sang at a school event  they’d had me do it every other time…even birthdays. Funny! At first I felt like people were taking advantage of me but then I realised that they were juts appreciating a gift that God had given to me.

I never studied music per se, I did sing in church and school a lot. I write my own songs. I’m inspired by my experiences. By the turns life takes. By the people I meet. By the things I see.  My music is a fusion of many styles, reggae, jazz, neosoul.i like to refer to it as afro-soul. It’s hugely influenced by African music and its elements.

My music is taking me to greater heights. I admire India arie, asa, khadja Nin, Tanya Stevens, Adele, Ayo, Lauryn Hill…they are all of different styles. Madem wameiva! I admire them in terms of vocal prowess, songwriting abilities and their stage personalities.

Whoa! It’s been amazing working with Wawesh, Stan and Sauti Sol. I’ve grown a great deal performing alongside Stan (who I did background vocals for) Sauti sol and Wawesh. And I’m grateful for the opportunity of having known them. I’ m glad I have been able to do everything I’ve always wanted to do. My music career is kicking off and I am being moulded into an architect on the side. Good stuff!

I’m loving Golden by Chrisette Michele. This lady understands the makings of a good song from the instrumentation to the lyrics, to the ad-libs, to the delivery! Eh! Enough said!

Reality TV shows are very entertaining! That’s it! I stopped believing that they are “looking for talent’! Talent is kicked out haraka chap-chap! I’ve never taken part in them because I don’t feel it’s the right platform to showcase my style of music.

Music has a great way influencing the listener’s mind either positively or negatively. Easy publicity, supportive media will improve the plight of Kenyan artistes My album will be out before the end of the year. Expect quality! For real! My favourite tracks are Nairobi love, Listen and Yeye ndiye...