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Playlist 101

Since we began Rhythm & Spoken early last year we have featured a diverse neo-soul/ raregroove playlist with the recent addition of African music. We usually get inquiries from the audience regarding songs that we play during and after performances. Here are the recent most popular inquiries…


Of Nigerian and German heritage, Ayo’s music is the kind that creeps up and envelopes you in warmth. Her videos are even more interesting with African scenes form the 70s or modern day Lagos.

Album Review-Ayo

Ayo’s album is an eye opener. Her falsetto and guitar strums seem innocent at first listen but on further inspection reveal a lot on pain, love and laughter. She is playful in Life is real and loving in Only you. A sure hit Help is coming is a hopeful ode to struggle. Life is real is my current favourite, the video is simple but fun, set in Lagos it shows the singer dancing in the streets with children and women and the break down: “”Me I be Ayo ogunmakin fear no foe I am real from head to toe just like my heart and like my soul” always makes me smile.

Asa (pron. Asha)

Nigerian singer whose music has garnered a popular following in Africa and the diaspora. She is without doubt a gifted vocalist whose music can soften even the hardest of souls.

Album review

Asa sings in English, pidgin and a her native Yoruba. Popular songs include Jailer, Bi Banke and Fire on the Mountain. Her self titled debut album is really good, it’s the kind of music to play on a sunny sunday afternoon while enjoying a glass of chilled wine. I have also discovered it reduces road rage.

My current favourite is SubwayI have come from far away/ To see this go down the drain/ I have waited patiently and this is what I get/ Emotionally failing me /My whole wide world is caving in/ I’m not so free to express myself /The woman in me Wo wo wo don’t fade away ” Simply amazing. you can read more on Asa at:

Freshly Ground

Freshly Ground are a South African band whose video – Pot belly, caught my eye. They are creative in a way that is very subtle and their music is self assured and fresh. It still has the tell-tell South African rhythms but their amazing fusion of african drums guiter, jazz, pop and dance offset by lead singer Zo’s distinct voice really sets them apart. Albums Ma Cherie, Nomvula and Jik Jika are must have cds for Afro-soul/folk lovers.

Album review-Ma Cherie

This is my current favourite of all their albums. I am biased because it contains Pot belly of course. Its thoughtful, fun and kind of sexy in its on home grown, Freshly Ground way.

Baby Tonight is a nice mid tempo track with echoes of Paul Simon. Fired up is the coolest. I am still absorbing this album but I must assure you it does not disappoint. Check them out on


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Project Heshima is an alternative events project . We have a great interest in poetry and home grown music. We hold monthly poetry nights at

3 responses to “Playlist 101

  1. i want to be a good singaed in my generation how can i go about it.

  2. Alexcee ⋅

    Watch out for me. Tracks underway, including a duet with Asa.

  3. mauro

    Como se llama la cantante femenina de tes blanca de este grupo¿

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